Dry Cleaning Equipment

Cates Laundry Equipment provides Dry Cleaning equipment to a wide array of businesses in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri Bootheel — from large commercial laundry operations to smaller laundromats and dry cleaners.

Our range of Dry Cleaning equipment has been hand selected by our experts to ensure that our clients have the very best equipment. When you partner with Cates Laundry Equipment, you can trust that your dry cleaning operation will be equipped with the most reliable machines that will produce the highest quality wash results for many years to come.

Unipress Presses for Dry Cleaning & Commercial Laundry

Unipress laundry and dry cleaning presses are built for reliability, efficiency, and ease of operation. Every machine is equipped with time saving features to maximise production and efficiency, helping you get through more work in less time; our presses are easy to operate and produce impeccable results every time.

Spec Sheets for Unipress Equipment

Union Dry Cleaning Machines

Union dry cleaning machines define the art of professional garment care.
Our industry leading, innovative technology ensures the highest quality results. With Union you know you are getting an efficient, reliable dry cleaning machine built to the highest environmental standards.

Fulton Dry Cleaning Boilers

Fulton boilers has been committed to delivering quality & excellence since 1949. Our boilers are built for efficiency and minimum footprint, and the range and flexibility of our products means we can provide the right solution for virtually any industrial or commercial heating application.

Spec Sheets for Fulton Boilers

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